Who are you?

My name is Lisa and I’m hostess with the mostess.

Why should I read you?

Look, I get it. Newsletters are a dime a dozen and everyone has one but! My claim to fame is that I’ve been keeping an online diary since the mid-90s and Wired once referred to me as an “online memoirist.”

What do you write about?

It’s a diary so I write about everything which tends to fall around being fat, crazy, sex, travel, and consuming too much media. Also, it’s very on brand to swear a lot. This is not a family friendly newsletter.

How do I subscribe?


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Lisa Rabey
Lisa Rabey contains multitudes and makes a delightful addition to trivia teams. She does not live in Brooklyn nor attend a fancy college. She was once a suffering librarian now she is a content wunderkind. Welcome.